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  • International industrial design innovations forum PUSHKA is a unique platform where students of design meet real manufacturers and get an opportunity to realize their most challenging projects!


    Talented students of russian and foreign higher educational institutions will resent their best industrial design ideas


    Here it is possible to communicate with the leading manufacturers, co-owners, investors and with the press


    Presentation of innovation projects from manufacturers


    Speeches of representatives of leading companies from europe and asia, scientists, famous designers, marketers and specialists on the patent law


    Effective integration of the educational process in the field of design into a real production process

    Formation of a positive image of higher education institutions in the field of design, their academics and students

    Enhancing the prestige of working in the field of industrial design

    Formation of a permanent platform for collaboration between young designers, manufacturers from Russia, Asia and Europe, representatives of specialized universities, state structures, media and final customers

    Realization of the author's ideas into a market-ready patented innovative product

    Promotion of Russian industrial design as part of a national brand


    ARTEKEY company has been a reliable partner of large manufacturing companies for many years. The products of these companies - high-tech and quality items of household appliances that meet the needs of modern people.

    ARTEKEY company stimulates the implementation of new technologies into production processes, what makes a final product highly demanded due its multifunctionality and innovations.

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